MX Practice - Hemond’s MX & Offroad Park

MX Practice

Practice is your
  • workout.
  • get-away.
  • hangout.
  • training.
  • happy place.


Hemond’s Practices are subject to change! Please check our social media pages for up to date conditions and daily schedule.

Minor Release Form

Give permission for another adult to take responsibility for your child during a practice day. Please print and notarize this form.

Hilltop MX Schedule

Day Type Time
Thursday (members only) MX 3-7PM
Every Sunday MX 10-5PM
5/19 – Saturday MX 10-5PM
6/22 – Friday MX 10-5PM
7/28 – Saturday MX 10-5PM
9/29 – Saturday MX 10-5PM

Sawmill MX Schedule

Day Type Time
5/19 – Saturday MX 10-5PM
5/20 – Sunday MX 10-5PM
9/29 – Saturday MX 10-5PM
9/30 – Sunday MX 10-5PM

Practice Pricing

Club Member$25

Per Rider Per Day

Non-Club Member$30

 Per Rider Per Day


HMXP Club Membership$50


Unlimited Membership$400


Weekday Membership$350


Weekend Membership$300